Relationships: Are Some People Jinx To Attract Abusive Partners?

If one was to take a step back and to think about the people they have been with throughout their life, they might think about the different moments that they have shared with them. This could then be a time when they will see that they have had more good than bad moments in this... Continue Reading →


‘Our Mumu Don Do’- The Manchester 1945 Conference & 4 Things I Said At The Abuja Nigeria Youth Forum Conference

History was made in Abuja last Saturday April 22, 2017. There were two major events that happened which I predict will have a very far-reaching impact on the destiny of Nigeria. The first was the National Conference of the Young Leaders Association of Nigeria a.k.a Nigeria Youth Forum which took place at Bolingo Hotel and... Continue Reading →

Check Out The Original Photos For The Pictures On These Naira Notes.

The Naira is Nigeria’s official currency. The notes feature images of Nigeria’s political heroes such as Tafewa Balewa, Nnamdi Azikiwe and Ahmadu Bello. On the other side of the notes, there are some images. We found the original pictures for these images and decided to share them with you. Check them out! 2. Murtala Muhammad on... Continue Reading →


Sexual interc0urse generates the most stimulation compared with other se3xual activity and brings men to org@sm the fastest. Unfortunately, women receive only a small amount of cl!toral stimulation by interc0urse, so they typically desire fast and deep thrusting. This is often too much, too fast for most men. A rapid increase in pen!le stimulation from interc0,urse... Continue Reading →

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