A press release by the Patriotic Youth Organization of Nigeria (PYON) on the matter concerning the state of Education in Kogi State and by extension, Nigeria at large.

It’s pertinent to note the importance of youths’ development of all forms in the advancement of the nation and Kogi state in particular.
One can also not deny to be aware of the relevance of education and empowerment of the said youths as a vital means of capacity building.

In a country where youths are always preached to be stakeholders of today and leaders of tomorrow, the action of closure of schools, the reaction of frustrating youths’ rejection coupled with molesting and arresting of students because of the resultant protest are just unacceptable, barbaric and non-progressive.

The need for youths’ involvement in making policy and fixing polity is being propagated but such effort is frustrated with the actions and reactions of the present government of the land, with Kogi state as a particular case study.

Recent happenings in the education sector of Kogi state as it directly affect the youths has further put a check on the trust some of the citizens has in the present administration, at the federal level and particularly at the state level as led by Mr Yahaya Bello (the governor also in the youth age category).

We reject in totality the act by all stakeholders involved. We are directing our words, with sad minds and offended spirits, specifically to the Kogi State command of the Nigeria police, the Kogi State commissioner of police and the state government as a whole.

It’s quite unfortunate that the youths are not in the plan of the government, the betterment of our educational sector is not given a priority while our fundamental rights as citizens are thereby being infringed upon.

The arrest of some of us, molest of the angry youths, impedance/hindrance of protest to demand for our rights and closure of the institutions of learning is a show of shame and therefore, we patriotic youths (under the umbrella of PYON) all over the country reject this and call for immediate redress.

We still have progressive minds and undaunted spirits to support, promote and propagate the just cause as it relates to getting our citadels of learning reopened for academic activities while the wrong arrest should be corrected and our colleagues released as soon as possible.

Dear leaders, it’s good to call on you and it’s respectable for you to heed to the clarion call to make we youths useful and resourceful for the growth of the country, particularly through education and empowerment.

Prompt and positive actions expected. Thanks and best regards.


National president
National secretary
National PRO


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