Man Pulls 7 12tonnes Cars With Testicles Over A Distance of 8m.

A Chinese Kung Fu master,  Mr. Wei Ye, broke his own personal record by pulling 7 Audi cars, and the stunt was recorded on a video, by Pear Video, who published it on March 31, 2017.

Mr Ye  tired a rope to seven Audi cars, connected in series, to his genitals. The record breaking event took place in Zibo city, where his supporters gathered to cheer him up.  Mr Wei Ye channelled all his energy into his testicles and was able to pull seven cars, which weighs 12.6 tonnes each over a distance of about 26.2 fts (8m) before coming to a stop.

Mr Ye said that the stunt is a Kung Fu techniques, called Xi Sui Gong or Xi Sui Technique, a wellness regime he had practiced for over 30 years was initially practised by Taoists to enhance their fertility.

The man is the proprietor of a hybrid school of martial art, called Tai Chi Zen, culled from the combinations of Tai Chi and and Taoism wellness regimes.  

Mr Ye had set a record of pulling 5 Audi cars of same weight over a distance of about 10m, last year, also in Zibo city of Shandong Province.

The trainer said he practices other types of martial arts, Hung Kuen, Shaolin Kuen and also, a bit of Thai boxing.
You don’t wanna mess with this man.


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