Rihanna Taking Sides With Remy Ma In Bitter Nicki Minaj Feud?

Has Rihanna, 29, simply taken Remy Ma’s, 36, side in her wild feud with Nicki Minaj, 34? The “Desperado” singer has reportedly unfollowed Nicki on Instagram, despite the fact that Nicki keeps to follow her. Rihanna and Remy Ma both reportedly attended RocNation’s pre-Grammys brunch on L.A. In Feb, consistent with MTO. Maybe, this the avenue in which Ri talked with Remy and got the inside track about her coming Nicki diss tracks like “Shether?”

Remy ma performs Nicki minaj diss shether

If Rihanna has unfollowed Nicki as her way of affirming her allegiance to Remy, she’s handiest the present day megastar to take sides. Future has reportedly been comforting Nicki from when the feud started out. “when they got a time out while shooting, future took her to get some thing to eat wherein it was only both of them,” a source said. “He wanted to get her alone because he is fully aware of the sh-t beef going on with Remy.” The 33 year-old rapper went further and tried to accumulate Nicki’s self assurance. Even as they were consuming, “he grabbed her hand, and without a doubt told her that she is the best female rapper” our source said and, “Future told her to ‘never’ forget about that, after which, he kissed her hand.”

Remy never stopped going after Nicki. She threw greater shade on Mar. 18 at some point of her concert in Atlantic City. “To be the queen of rap you gotta really rap,” she stated, “Entire Industry know that your sh*t is a wrap! No, to be the queen of rap you can’t have a ghostwriter, and that’s why this is my home, Flo Rida! Remy Ma, drops mic.” Remy then dropped her mic and walked off the stage!

Do you believe Rihanna is siding Nicki? Pontificate in the feedback beneath!


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