She Constantly Ignored His DM On Instagram For 3years! Now They Are Married –


Who says you can’t slide into the DM you loved from afar?
The power of social media is really working like magic.
Olawande and Olanrewaju’s love story is a testimony – they started from Instagram.
Olawande had been ignoring olanrewaju messages for 3 years before she finally gave in. The spirit of persistence and consistency paved way for olanrewaju because he never dared gave up on his soul mate.
“Olanrewaju and I met on Instagram 3years ago.” says oleander the bride. ” He had been sending me messages in Instagram which I constantly ignored for three years. I was a little reluctant initially because I hardly chat with strangers, it always felt like a waste of time.
“Then in 2015, his perseverance made me reply his message, and that was how the connection started.
When I finally met him for the first time, I fell in love with him because the way he looked at me was priceless.
“Right there I knew I couldn’t trade him for anything else. On my birthday in September 2016, he popped the question and I said Yes.
Here we are today happily married. ”
Congrats young cute couple.


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