The simplicity of getting married

Each time I hear people talk about getting married as one big task I just shake my head at their ignorance.

Ask any single guy or lady of advanced marriageable age why s/he is still single and you are certain to hear words like…”I’m taking my time,can’t rush in and rush out,I need to be sure I’m with the right person….” but the question is ;”Does the fact that you are extremely careful in choosing a spouse guarantees a happy marriage?

Getting married is the easiest task anyone can accomplish and far easier than complicated courtship but we tend to make a mountain out of a mole hill.

You can’t be too careful or careless when it comes to your choice of spouse because there is no good or bad choice but what we have is “YOUR CHOICE”. Good people can turn very bad and a great courtship is no guaranty of a great marriage so take the risk and stop wasting your time in the name of “being careful” 

So if you are a man or lady who is really interested in getting married then read this.

1.For the guys : 

Ask yourself some vital questions about the type of woman you want,her tribe,physical attributes as well as inherent attributes and so on and don’t just try out every lady in skirt.

Understand that whatever pleases your eyes will inadvertently please your soul so go for a lady that catches your fancy physically, ask her some basic questions about her persona,do a quick background check on her and if you are ok with your findings just take the risk as long as you can feed yourself and one more person and also have a place of your own.

If you can afford a lavish wedding then go ahead but if not talk to your woman about doing a small wedding by paying her bride price and going to the registry while you both plan for a bigger wedding.

If she refuses then help her foolishness by enjoying wify duties from her while she continues to wait but if she accepts your plan please go ahead and marry her and try to work out your differences…

Remember that you can never know a woman but you can only try to understand her gradually only when you start living together.

And remember that though GOD hates divorce,there is always an option of walking away from the marriage if needs be.

2.For the ladies

Save your self the bull poo of dating and courtship…it’s a total waste of time cos it’s no guaranty of a happy union.

Except you are a teenager or in your adolescent when dating is mostly just for the fun of it,if you are really interested in a purposeful affair then you don’t need to court any guy for more than a year.


If you see a guy you have strong desire for and he says he wants you,…do a quick background check on him and if you are ok with your findings..take that risk and go for it…

Stop complicating your life about doing an expensive wedding by fire by force…you can always do that latter but if the money is available then go ahead with the wedding of your dreams 

I have seen many guys and ladies despite their over Sabi and meticulous courtship still break up with their spouse so why fool yourself.

If you like continue to waste your time looking for the ideal man and fooling yourself in the name of courtship while actually getting used by the guy.

Dating and long courtship is for boys and girls who just want to catch fun.
No matter how hard you try and how long you court a man, you can never truly know any man until you start living with him and a guy that truly wants you as a wife does not need any yeye long courtship with you.

Marriage is overrated so stop killing yourself trying to be in the best marriage…just take the risk…if it favors you,stay and if it becomes unbearable,take a bow so why waste your time trying to be too careful when you can never be sure of getting an ideal man or woman no matter how careful you may be.

What’s your opinion? Share with us.


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