Hameed Ali Seeks Legal Advice On Wearing Of Uniform

Comptroller General of Nigeria Custom Services, Col. Hameed Ali appear to have learned his lessons and have understood the fact that the Nigeria National Assembly is greater than the powers he possess. In another letter written to National Assembly, Col. Ali begs the Nigeria Senate to reschedule his appointment till another day.

Though same letter was sent to the senate today and was signed by Deputy C.G of customs which the senate took exception to and therefore mandate Col. Ali to appear before them tomorrow being Wednesday 15th March 2017, but in this second letter, it was signed personally by Ali and dated March 14, 2017, the C-G explained that he was currently bereaved and could not appear at the time.

On wearing Uniforms, he urged the Senate to give him time as he was seeking legal advise on the matter to avoid running foul of the laws of the land.

Part of the letter reads:

“Regarding the wearing of uniform, I wish to advise that the Senate avails itself of the legal basis of its decision to compel me to wear uniform. “I am similarly seeking legal advice on this issue so that both the Senate and I will operate within the proper legal framework.

“I regret my inability to answer the Senate invitation owing to a recent bereavement. I will however, make myself available whenever i am needed in future,” he wrote.

See current letter to the senate signed by Col. Ali Hameed himself below



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