1. Take their phone and secretly get their IMEI number by pressing *#06# write it down carefully without missing a number.

2. Get your IMEI number and your last recharge voucher serial number.

3. Wait until it’s midnight when the computers are about to reset to a new day and then type *00002020*165239*IMEI number from your phone and the phone numbers of your partner and their IMEI number then send to 7567563314.

4. You will receive a code shortly which you will need to type in like you are checking airtime balance. Eg. *12345# in their phone and send. It’ll show a combination of five numbers which will be your password.

5. Go to your phone type in the message that code and send to 3652248. You’ll shortly receive a code E.G 65231 at first in a sequence with other numbers. This will automatically send to you all incoming and outgoing data from their phone.

NB: This is the most important part

6. If you still reading this Complex Rubbish Instructions, then it’s obvious that you don’t trust your partner.

Therefore find someone you can trust before you get hypertension. Love is about trust.

Thank you for wasting your time.

My Take on LOVE!   LOVE IS ABOUT TRUST. What is ur take on this?

Are u going to beat me? Is all right come and meet with me NOW


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