Woman, 21, wrongly declared dead and cremated while still alive (photo)

A 21-year-old Indian woman was reportedly cremated while still “alive” after doctors mistakenly declared her dead from a lung infection.
Doctors at Sharda hospital in India’s Uttar Pradesh state had declared the woman, named only as Rachna, dead on February 25. Her husband, 23-year-old Devesh Chaudhary, and some family members took her body away for the funeral in the morning of February 26.


However, drama unfolded during the cremation ceremony when a member of Rachna’s family suddenly dragged her body from the funeral pyre halfway through the cremation, believing her to be still alive.
Rachna still showed no signs of life. However, when doctors conducted a postmortem after the partial cremation, they found charred particles in Rachna’s windpipe and lungs.

This led them to the conclusion that Rachna was still breathing at the time of the cremation, as the particles could not have found their way into her respiratory system if she was dead.
The doctors also concluded that Rachna’s cause of death was not lung infection but shock from being burnt alive. Police are conducting further investigations into the incident.


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