She used knife, pestle, log of wood and almost bit off his father’s penis- Follow up report on 11-year-old brutalized by stepmother

LIB yesterday reported about the woman who assaulted her 11-year-old step son Ebube Okafor in Ejigbo, Lagos and kicked him out into the street. Members of Due Process Advocate, DPA, Chinyere ituesi and Okoro Chigbo Augustine, took the case to the police on Saturday and on Sunday morning, the woman was arrested.

According to a detailed report on the incident, the suspect was a friend of Ebube’s mother when she was alive.

Upon the death of her friend in 2006 during childbirth, the woman immediately moved into their house even before the burial and ever since then, made life miserable for Ebube and his sister, Mmesoma. Read the full report below:

“Follow up report on the case of Ebubu , the 11 years old boy that wa reported previously for domestic violence. Early hours on Sunday 5th of March I super head the team of DPA members that got the estrange woman arrested and thereby obtain a warrant from the police to take Ebube to hospital for proper check up.

The boy sustained alot of bruises both old and New ones and some part of his body paining him to extend that he cannot lift one of his hands. At the General Hospital Isolo, the doctor on duty confirmed the injuries and schedule Him for an X-Ray which will be carried out today. She further stated that whosoever that inflicted those injuries should be confined to a psychiatric hospital to get some help. She also recommended some medications for him which was properly paid for alongside other bills.
Ebube Okafor was born March 10th 2005 and his younger Sister Nmesoma was born June 2006 . Their mother died while giving birth to Nmesoma in 2006. The information acquired from a close relative states that the estranged woman seemed to be a very good friend to Ebube’s mother when she was a life, whom immediately moved in with them on hearing about the death of her friend (Ebube’s mother ) in 2006.

An Aunty to Ebubu who claimed to have lived in the house for the period of 2 years to baby sit Nmesoma called me while still at the hospital to confirm how evil and terrible this woman is and whom by whatever influence to Ebubu’s father forced her out of the house impromptu so that she will have an enabling environment to perpetuate her evil act with non stopping her.Another family member now a man who also lived in the house, whom also was with us at the hospital confirmed to us that the woman has severally threatened that she will kill these children if nobody come to take them away from the house which she her admitted before the police men at the station that she made such statement before. There are several bruises and injuries all over the boy’s body which indicates that the violent has been on for a long time.

Ebube on his own attested to the scars on his body that they are mostly knife cuts. Some other time she hits him with wooden spoon and other hard objects. The swollen wound on his left knee that makes him leap was given to him with kitchen pestle. And the woman accepted even before the police men at the station that a times she hit them with log of wood. Their father also told us that she had came close to bitting off his penis in 2009 on a particular day over a slight argument and he thereby solicit for help from DPA as he is now tried of the whole situation.



The information gathered so far from the family members proves that the woman merciless beat Ebube some weeks back and sent him out of the house while the man was away on a trip and a good Samaritan picked him up while roaming the street of Lagos and contacted the father after a week with the GSM number Ebube gave him whom in return sent a family member to pick Ebube up because he is not in town. It was the family member that brought the report to us. The family member further stated that the entire family are fed up with the ill treatment this woman has been given to these children and made it clear that he is all out to get justice for Ebube and his younger Sister Nmesoma. He also clearly confirmed that they sensed so


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