‘Women Bash Other Women For Fun’ – Simi Responds To Criticisms Of Her #AMVCA 2017 Dress

Singer, Simi, has once again reacted to critical comments about her dress sense, ton this occasion, her AMVCA 2017 outfit which failed to impress some self-confessed fans.

The singer, who insisted that she was not upset about the unpleasant comments, said it worries her that people could commit so much energy into an issue that wasn’t even affecting her daily bread.

She tweeted, “Lol. If you take this energy and invest it in ur life sweetie, my needle and thread dress won’t bother you. And I mean well. Like you

“Funny how it’s women that enjoy bashing other women (with good intentions. Lol). If one is comfy n happy, y are u tighting it to ur chest?
U don’t like my dress or hair. I’ve heard. I like it. I love it. I’m living my dream. Be happy for me. Cos tbh, I’m happy for me.


“And before u say I should ignore, I’m not upset. At all. I just hate to see ppl so worked up abt something that is not stopping my blessings

“Pray that my music breaks the norm and I become a better artist and win Grammies…cos I pray that you make it in life. All Love. All God”

Thr singer recently faced a similar backlash as criticism of her outfit to a popular reality show threatened to take the shine off her glittering performance.


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