“This just melts my heart.I want 2 grow with u like this my “mine”- Annie Idibia gushes over the precious photo of Joke Silva and Olu Jcobs

Annie Idibia took to her page to gush about the love Joke Silva and Olu Jacobs, who have been married for almost 32 years share. Joke Silva saw Annie’s post and responded to it. Read the posts after the cut…



“Omg😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 love love this love … when it isn’t infatuation,when its deeper than the physical looks,when its so REAL than the bits on social media,when you understand that it isn’t about who is wrong or right,when you work so hard to conquer together, when you understand forgiveness, when you understand that you r now ONE,means you can’t hurt or destroy your own self, you Protect you(yours)..And yes,this takes 2 people,not just the woman or man…but both as ONE….It doesn’t have to be perfect!!! this just melts my heart. I want 2 grow with u like this my “mine” .. Goodnight Fam. #inspiration @ajokesilva”
Joke Silva responded by sharing Annie’s message with the caption below:


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