Our Daily Manna

As we were preparing to take off, I looked out of the window and whispered a prayer for the pilot. Soon we were airborne and the plane was passing through thick dark clouds and visibility was near zero. Fear gripped everybody inside the plane, but the higher we climbed, the better it became. The clouds we could not see minutes ago, became fine white pillows far below us. The view above the clouds was fairer than the best gem. Light sunshine surrounded us like pockets of rainbow heavy rain. But as the journey progressed, I took my pen to write and I began to compare that trip to our spiritual and physical life journey through planet earth. We are often surrounded by dark clouds, trials, pain and sometimes, we do not know the way out (poor visibility). We then pray and diligently seek the Lord and He allows that to pass till we go through tougher clouds. During that flight years ago, I learnt that the wind is stronger at 35,000 feet than it is at sea level. At a point, we were informed that because of a strong tail wind of about 162km/hr, we would reach our destination earlier than scheduled. But we were delayed as we flew back against the wind, after the program I attended. All through that flight, today’s scripture stuck to my heart like thunderbolt. Vs 2 says: “When thou pass through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee. When though walketh through the fire, thou shall not be burnt, neither shall the flame kindle upon thee.” As you fly through life with its ups and downs, claim that scripture daily. You and your family will land safely in old age not as causalities but as conquerors. Never forget that God can pilot your life through any weather (problem) or wind stronger than 35,000 feet pressure wind. Trust Him and wait for Him. “Life is like riding bicycle, you don’t fall unless you stop pedaling” – Clande Pepper. Hold on and hold out!
PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 5 : By and by…
In your own words, pray about today’s WORD as led.
2. I shall not die a casualty in the battles of life.
3. Pray about today seriously and any other issue(s) affecting your peace.


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