‘Maybe Yung6ix Is Dead’ – Mz Kiss Raps Colleague Over ‘Hip-Hop Is Dying’ Comment

Justina Omowunmi Akindele, better known as Mz Kiss, has strongly disagreed with a statement recently credited to fellow rapper, Yung6ix, who averred that hip-hop music was dying in Nigeria.

Yung6ix had in a social media rant stated that he was only doing hip-hop to fill a void as he was convinced that the genre’s best years were behind it.

“Nigerian hip-hop is dying. I’m just doing something for the culture and for my fans out here that really want to listen to that good music, to that hip-hop music that they have been missing out on”, he said.

But on the contrary, Capital Hill Music’s Mz Kiss says that hip-hop is very much alive and is doing well in Nigeria. She added that street-hop was actually raking in the most cash in the industry presently.


She said, “Who said hip-hop is dying? Maybe the person is dead I don’t know, because you can’t say hip-hop is dying in Nigeria. Do you know that about four years ago, Reminisces’ album hit the billboard? So what are you talking about, it’s completely wrong! From the days of MI, Mode 9, Illbliss, the late Dagrin, Reminisce, Ice Prince, are you telling me these people are not successful? What are you saying man? Come on, swallow that thing, street lo n gbowo, ki lon happen?”,


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