Jesus VS Mohammad: How Both Men Treated Women

Enter Jesus

He brought back a dead girl to life
He healed a woman with an issue of blood
He prevented the stoning of a Mary Magdalene
Mary Magdalene washed his feet with perfume and her hair in show of appreciation
Women wept during his trial and crucifixion
Women wept at his grave due to love for him
A woman was the first to hear of his resurrection

Enter mohammad

He married a 6yr old girl called aisha
He consummated the marriage when she clocked 9yrs
He killed a Jewish woman’s husband and father then converted, married and had sex with her on the same day
He married the wife of his adopted son after seeing her unclothedness and desiring her
He married his first wife, a 40yr old widow when he was 25
Married 11 wives
Says a woman’s testimony is worth half of a man’s testimony
Says 3 things spoil prayers – a donkey, a black dog and a woman
Prescribed beating of wives
Prevented women from inheritance
He was Killed by poison given to him by a WOMAN


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