Bally And Tboss Insulted Themselves & Almost Fought On BBNaija Last Night

Not only was yesterday’s night fun, it was also a tensed one and a very tensed one at that. TBoss happened to be at the receiving end again. Funny thing is, TBoss is officially the housemate to have had more quarrels in the #BBNaija show now. So last night, after all the crazy fun witnessed in the show as a result of Efe’s birthday, another drama ensued, this was caused by Bally.
You know how some housemates have been complaining of one or two fellows always messing up the toilet after usage? Guess what? it seems like Bally is one of the “messiers” of their toilet. Lol.
TBoss, having noticed that Bally didn’t flush properly after defecating, confronted him and asked him to flush again but Bally wasn’t having it, he responded in a rather insulting yet sarcastic manner then TBoss flung into action
It took the interference of a few other “sober” housemates to separate their fury as they were both almost going physical. From the video, you’d notice that Bally was right in her face, ranting and pouring out his aggression on her. Then came Kemen who did what no other person would have dared to do at that heated point…


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